RNG Projects From Stranded Gas Facilities – Part 2

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As part of our conference series about RNG project development, Sysgaz talked about Challenges and Solutions for Supplying RNG From Landfill Gas at the Biogas World’s RNG Forum on April 6, 2022.

At this event, Sysgaz first outlined how landfill location and nitrogen content in LFG reduce RNG project profitability.  Technical and financial benefits of the cryogenic distillation using mixed refrigerant for nitrogen rejection, RNG storage, and RNG supply was also presented as a solution to increase RNG project profitability for stranded landfills.


Full presentation available below.

This was the second presentation about Sysgaz’s solutions and products for developing RNG projects from stranded gas facilities.  Stay tuned for the next presentation about Challenges and Solutions for Supplying RNG From Anaerobic Digesters.

SYSGAZ – Supplying RNG from LFG

Author: SYSGAZ